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I received a call from the Avalon police department asking if I could come down and do a ring recovery right away? They stated that it was a valuable ring and that the couple had contacted the police for assistance and since I have done numerous recoveries they were asking for my help. I immediately contacted the owners and she explained that she was in the surf hours before catching a football in knee deep water and saw the ring fall off when she caught the ball. Checking the tide schedule low tide was approaching which would be in our favor as it would now be a wet sand hunt but getting dark soon. Meeting on the beach with a fellow detectorist ( Steve Pacifico) and the couple who were frantically pacing in and out of the water hoping to find it. We started searching the area from the dry sand to the waters edge. After about 40 minutes we had finished the area but no ring so I decided to go in the water to my knees and try again. About 10 minutes later I got a nice gold signal from my detector and scooped up the sand and as the water rinsed the sand out of the scoop the beautiful diamond ring glistened in the light of my headlamp! Not realizing I had found it I approached the wife to ask her what it looked like again and started to describe it and I said oh you mean like this? She immediately started crying tears of joy saying yes! Yes! Thats it!!! The husband’s expression was priceless with major relief as he explained that the ring was not insured and cost $38,000.00. Ugh! Needless to say they were very happy for it’s recovery and The Ring Finders Service! Another awesome recovery!

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