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I got home around 2:45 am from detecting and was checking my email before going to bed and up came a new one from Corey. During the day at the beach he got knocked over but a wave and felt his necklace slide over his head into the ocean. He tried grabbing for it but with no luck, even searched during the day at low tide hoping he’d see it. The chain had a very special charm on it that was his grandfathers, being upset about loosing it he was up late searching google with hopes of finding some answer to finding it. There he found me on Ring Finders. Still being up I called him and got the information about what happened and was going to meet him later in the morning. I called a fellow Ring finder to tell him about it and he said I should go now with the water still low enough to work. I called Corey back and asked if he’d meet me now and he said yes. Luckily he left a shirt on the beach as a marker in the area he was in and it narrowed the search area down. About 20 minutes or so in waist deep water getting pushed by waves I got a good signal, took me a bit to dig it, the waves would push me off of it but I finally saw his necklace in my scoop. I was kind of mean because I held it in my hand and started out of the water after I got hit by a wave shaking my head saying the waves were to rough but when I got to him I said not rough enough to find it and held it out to him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He had his grandfathers charm and chain back. Sorry bout the dark pictures but it was 4 o’clock in the morning. Glad to give back, felt great.


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