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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Got a call from Jerry who was enjoying Labor Day on Asbury Park Beach when he noticed his I Phone was missing. With the help of a friend who found RingFinders he found me. It was starting to get dark so I headed there right away. When I got there they were waiting for me on the boardwalk, and took me where they were sitting on the beach that day. Wasn’t sure how it was going to go because a phone doesn’t always sink into the sand and was hoping no one didn’t see it and took it on him. I searched the area and came up empty, then he told me they were sitting by the water for awhile which was now the high tide line. Did the wet sand just off the dry and heard that high tone I was waiting for. I didn’t bring my scoop because I didn’t want to scratch the phone so I started to dig with my foot and about 7 inches down out popped his phone. Thanks goodness it was water proof being in the wet sand, it turned on with no problem. Another Happy Ending, glad I could help.


















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