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Received a call around noon on October 9th from Joan in North Central NJ. She was out in her back yard last night trying to get her dog inside. While in the struggle she lost her 30th Wedding Anniversary band. She spent a long time in the dark with a flashlight with no luck. She had a friend come over today in the daylight and spent several more hours looking. I was pressed for time and said I would be able to come up in about 8 days because of my schedule. She was worried about the lawn guys coming in a week. I moved some things on my schedule and took the 1 hour and 20 minute drive. When I arrived Joan was not home. I gave her a call and she said she was 10-15 minutes away. She said to go into the back yard and start without her. She marked the area that she though she lost it with a bag of apples. That was my starting point. 5 minutes later I had the most beautiful ring I have ever found in my hands, a platinum Tiffany’s ring with too many diamonds to count. Joan arrived about 10 minutes later. I was sitting on her porch petting her dog. As she walked up I pulled the ring from my pocked. The reaction on her face was priceless! Here is Joan’s Story: I waited thirty years for wedding band from Tiffany’s. I wore a wedding band that cost less than a $100 for years, switched to my mother’s wedding band after her passing, and when my mother’s band no longer fit I went without a wedding band for years. In the meantime, my husband was saving for a really special gift for our 30th anniversary, a wedding band from Tiffany’s. I had the ring less than a year, when one night I walked into my backyard to get my dog to come inside. The dog was busy eating an apple, and did not want to go back inside. I pulled at her collar, and with my left hand gave her a little push when off came the ring. I stood in the darkness and panicked. I marked my spot with a loose branch and raced to get a flashlight. Hours passed and I gave up. In the morning, a friend came over and along with my daughter we spent another four hours searching for the ring. We all gave up and figured that an animal found it over night. It was gone. But my friend gave me Dave’s number, and he came over that afternoon. In less than five minutes he found my ring! I also want to add that I wasn’t home when he arrived and told him to go into my yard and search for the ring. I arrived home ten minutes later and there was Dave sitting on my back steps petting my dog. He reached in his pocket and handed me the ring. What a feeling! He is completely honest and competent. Don’t waste time searching on your own. Call Dave. Regards, Joan


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