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Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Got a message from fellow ring finder Edward Cropski Last night around 10:30 pm about a lost engagement ring in Long Branch NJ shortly followed by a phone call from Tiffany Michelle the woman who lost it. While out on the beach earlier in the day with her husband and son. They decided to move back from the surf more and her bag fell over with things falling out including her ring. They searched for hours when they came across the ring finders site which led to a call to Ed. He then referred them to me. By 12 am i was on my way there to meet them. They were on vacation and visiting family then going home to FL in a few days.. They were both frantic over the loss as the ring has been in her family for 3 generations. Her grandmother, Her mother and now it was hers. I met them on the beach and after a short conversation on where they were i began my search. About 30 mins went by with no luck. I then spread out farther from the towel line towards the high tide line in the wet sand. 10 mins later i had a nice crisp tone with a 12.10 on the Ctx. within one scoop i had her ring! They were both surprised and overjoyed that i had found it. So much that i received plenty of hugs and thanks. It was a great feeling to see them happy and ending their vacation on a high note. Another great hunt!

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