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Updated: Jun 25

Wedding Party

July 30, 2010

I woke up to a desperate email. A couple in Cape May lost an expensive engagement ring. We sent a few emails back and forth. I couldn’t get there until 5:30pm. Joe manned the post not allowing anyone near the suspected spot where the ring could be.

He was there from 2am till 5:30pm. My son and I arrived around 5:30pm. 3 ladies, who were not related but heard the story, stated they have been praying to St. Anthony all day. They said St. Anthony will help us find the ring. They were asking me how good is my recovery rate. My answer was pretty good.

I did advise Joe that a lot of the time the lost object is nowhere near where you think it is. I said lets get started. He took me to the spot. I turned on my Minelab Explorer made a couple of swings and had the very nice low tone of platinum. I had the ring in my scoop in less than 30 seconds. And what a beautiful ring it was. Joe was amazed. He said he was ready to cry.

Joe phoned his fiancée and told her the news. She was at a wedding rehearsal dinner. She came running onto the beach. Joe placed the ring back on her finger. Hugs and pictures were in order.

Another happy couple.


Words can not describe how thankful Joe and I are that you saved the day last Friday. I couldn’t sleep at all after losing my engagement ring on the beach in Cape May, NJ. We spent hours hopelessly combing through the sand. When I found your website I thought it was a long shot but at that point I was willing to try anything. I had even contacted every hardware/appliance store within 10-15 miles looking for a metal detector – there were NONE. When you responded that you would be there I felt like I could relax for the first time since losing the ring – I tried to stop thinking about it for the next few hours but that was impossible everytime I felt or looked at my left ring finger.

I know I was not present when you found it, but Joe can not stop talking about it. Only one swipe of the metal detector and one scoop and there it was – you are my hero. When I got the phone call, everyone around me was screaming for joy. The best part of this story is that someone would have the kindness and magnanimity to come to the rescue of two complete strangers.

I now not only have my engagement ring, but also a wonderful story with a happy ending and a lot more faith in mankind. It may sound dramatic, but what you did for us was incredibly selfless.

Thank you again,


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