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What a day! I received a call around 2pm this afternoon from a guy from a movie production company that is filming in Long Beach Island (LBI) New Jersey, He explained that the lead actress lost a ring on the beach last night during filming on the beach. The ring was custom made by a jeweler in New York and a big part in the movie. They urgently needed it back to keep production moving since ordering a new one to be custom made would take time. Its an independent film for channels such as the Sundance channel and Independent film Channel (IFC). So being a beautiful day I asked my wife if she would like to go to the beach and layout for a bit while I searched for the ring. Arriving at the address given we were surprised to see the production crew preparing for their next clip at the house. We were greeted by the lead actress Stephanie and her boyfriend Paul and went the beach just down the street where the ring was lost the night before while filming a beach seen. We gridded off an area with orange flags and I began the hunt. At first things were not looking good as I was finding everything but the ring. After a 2 hour search in the dry sand I finally found it! The show goes on! We were invited to join them at the next set being filmed at a local pub and celebrate with the actors and production crew! This is awesome! This has got to be the coolest recovery I have ever done! How many people will get to say they did something like this? This is the lead actress Stephanie reunited with her ring and her boyfriend Paul. Very nice people who I hope to see again for another cold one and a movie!!!! Keep your eyes open for the movie ( Colby’s Corner) on either one of these independent film networks.


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