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I just got back home from recovering 2 beautiful Platinum diamond rings that were lost on the beach yesterday in Beach Haven LBI,NJ. I received a Facebook message from Joe DeMarco of DeMarco Detector sales in Millville, NJ that a woman was in need of help and I gave him my information and she called me right away. Although I had other plans for today I could tell the urgency as she was crying on the phone so I responded to her that I was on my way! Upon arriving at the site on the beach where she was laying out with the kids yesterday and set up at again today. We went through what may have happened to the rings if in fact they were there at all as she was not positive but she may have taken them off to put lotion on the kids and put them on her lap and forgot about them . We moved her beach chairs, towels from the area for me to search. With the whole beach now watching 3 passes into the 20×20 area I heard the mid tone I was hoping for and scooped up the first ring which was her beautiful platinum diamond wedding band. The look on Mary’s face was priceless when I told her I got one and handed it to her. With that I proceeded 3 steps forward and heard another mid tone and recovered ring #2 which was a stunning platinum diamond engagement ring which she later informed me was a whooping 3 carats! She immediately started crying and hugging me on the beach and everyone who was watching was clapping and cheering as we both announced Ring!! What an awesome feeling it was to see her smiling again on her vacation as you can see in the picture below with me. I love it! I got gotta say it was something to see those 2 beautiful pieces of jewelry come up in my scoop and the look on her face! Another Great Recovery, Another Great day!


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