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I received a call while finishing up another search that he had lost his Rolex watch on the beach the day before and when he went to the local police department to report the loss they had given him my information. Arriving at the beach area where he and his family were setup for the day we went over the events of the day before that led up to the loss. He explained the tide was low and they had there’re beach chairs in the wet sand and he had taken the watch off and sat it on his lap to put sunscreen on the grand kids. Not realizing he never put the watch back on when the tide was coming back in they decided to move their chairs not realizing when he stood up he had dropped the watch into the sand. Also he explained that this watch was given to him 25 yrs ago by someone very close to him who now has health concerns and it would just mean the world to him if I could find it. I told him I would do my best but the area of the beach it is i is hunted quite regularly by other people with metal detectors so hopefully it is still there. Being a busy beach the area was also full of a lot of other people on chairs and playing in the sand so there is chance someone is sitting on it or such but I will see what I can do. A I worked my way between the chairs and began my grid pattern I dug a few items while the family watched in anticipation hoping the next target would be the watch. After about 20 minutes I received a signal I thought was a quarter but sounded larger I carefully dug an 8″ hole with my scoop and as I removed the sand the watch band fell out of the sidewall of the dug hole! I looked up at the family and the rest of the now curious beach goers who now heard the story of the loss and pointed to the hole, removed the watch and held it up in the air and the whole beach just went crazy!!! Wow! what a feeling it was as the owner just ran over and hugged me as he was almost in tears. Another Great recovery and day on the beach!


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