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Lost Silver necklace at Tices Shoal recovered by Matt St.Germain

Recovery #431

Almost a week ago I was contacted by Taylor on behalf of her Boyfriend Jake.

While out at Tices Shoal enjoying the day, Jakes necklace and gotten caught and pulled open the clasp and disappeared into the bay. She gave me the general area where it was lost but Jake had kind of lost hope when they were trying to find it. Taylor also explained to me it was given to him by his late father when he was 11 years old. I told Taylor I would give it a try anyway as soon as I could get out there. It took about 3-4hrs of searching the area in blocks (It was a very large area) and weeding through the tons of trash out there but persistence finally prevailed, I had the necklace in my scoop! I took it home, Repaired the clasp and cleaned it up since it was getting tarnished. After giving them the great news I stopped by Jake's job on my way home from a ring recovery in Seaside Park to return it to him. Jake was very happy and relieved to have it back again. Another happy ending!

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