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As I was heading home from an unsuccessful search Roderick called me about a lost yellow gold diamond stud earring. He was down I-95 in Wilmington DE. I met him about 40 minutes later. It was now raining.

He showed me the area of the loss. He was on a riding lawn mower when a tree branch hit the side of his head causing his earring to fall out. He placed his matching earring in a sandwich bag, so we wouldn’t lose it as I tested the readings on my metal detector.

I got my detector and started to search, about 30 minutes later it started to pour. I went back to my truck and got an umbrella. As soon as I got back to the search area, I got the sound & ID number on my metal detector that I wanted to get. Using my pinpointer I separated the grass and saw the side of something gold. It was his earring, It must have been stepped on while they were looking for it, as it was pushed into the mud.

He was so happy & thrilled! A few F-Bombs might have been dropped. He said that he searched earlier in the week with a metal detector that he bought. After he couldn’t find it he decided to call a professional. I was soaked but it was worth it.

I love my hobby!!


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