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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

I received a call from a man who had recently vacationed in Ocean city,NJ and had lost his wedding ring in the surf while throwing a football around with a friend.he had returned home to Maryland the next day and began his search on the internet on how to get help finding his lost ring.He contacted me and gave me the information about what beach entrance he used and stated that he was about 30 yards to the right of the lifeguard stand and in shin deep water at a higher tide.I arrived at the area and began my search about 10 yards from the stand and wored to the 30 yard mark with no luck and the dark of night had settled in and ended my search for the night but returned the next day at lowtide and picked up where I left off.At about the 40 yard mark at the hightide line the detector sounded and his ring appeared from the sand.I immediately phone the owner and told him the news and mailed the ring to him the next day and received it 2 days later.He was extremely Thankful for my help!


















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