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While having dinner at a local beach restaurant I received a message from a friend about a post on a site regarding a lost wedding ring at the beach earlier that day. After making contact with the owners they stated that it was lost later in the afternoon during high tide while playing with the kids in waist deep water. One of the kids accidentally kicked him in the hand and the ring fell off and he explained that she felt horrible about it. Now since it was hours later and the tide was now going out I explained this would be the best time to meet at the beach even though it was night time. They knew it was lost right in front of the lifeguard stand so once we met at the beach we headed to that area. Since the waves were a little rough that day I started my grid pattern at one side up higher on the slope working towards the other side and following down to the waters edge as the tide went out. After a few trash targets and a couple coins I got a nice gold tone on my White’s beach Hunter ID and scooped up the wet sand rinsing it in the water revealing the gold wedding band in the scoop! I called the couple over as they were trying to find it with a flashlight in the water frantically and held the ring up stating “I got it!” They’re look of amazement and relief was awesome and couldn’t wait to tell the girl they got it back. Another very happy couple was able to get back to enjoying their vacation! #97 lost ring recovery!


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