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I received a call from Steve stating that he had lost his wedding ring while swimming in the ocean in waist to chest deep water the day before. After getting the information from him about the time of day of the loss and the tide schedule we agreed that the best chance of recovery would be the following day during the next low tide cycle. Arriving on the beach around 7pm I had to enter the water since the tide had not gone out far enough yet where believed the ring came off. Working in the surf with waves breaking on and around me and Steve and his wife watching from their beach chairs I started to get worried that it would an unsuccessful hunt as the sun started to set and water was still rough. Just as I was about to call it a day and now almost dark out I got a nice strong hit from the White’s Dual Field Pi metal detector in a trough close to shore. I scoop up the sand from about 2 feet of water and as the sand washed out of the scoop the white gold wedding band appeared! I didn’t tell Steve that I found it and walked out of the ocean as I was just packing it in for the night holding the scoop with his ring still in it out in front of me. As I approached him I said well you know it’s not easy but is that yours? Showing him the ring in the scoop. He was just full of amazement and thankfulness as he put the ring back on his finger! We went back to the house to tell his wife the good news and she was tearing up with happiness to have their wedding set completed again. Another awesome day of recovering priceless treasures!


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