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Paul contacted me back in November 2012 about his wedding ring he lost. He thought that he lost it in his backyard while raking leaves. Our schedules didn’t line up for many reasons. We both forgot about it. I was checking/deleting my old emails when I came across the ones from Paul. I saw that I didn’t have an outcome listed for this missing ring. So I emailed Paul to see if it had been found. He said it is funny that you are asking about my ring. My wife & I were just discussing it the other night at dinner. It is still lost. A few back & forth emails and we set a date & time the I would go over and search, Saturday August 15th. I arrived and Paul & his son David were in the driveway replacing breaks on a car. Paul showed me the backyard and the area he thought it was lost. He then stated, if it is not here then its in the neighbors yard, because I was throwing items into their yard. I can get you permission to search there too. I asked Paul about the ring. He said it was a plain wedding band. OK I thought I know what range on my detector that should register. I started searching & noticed a lot of iron in the ground, not good. I searched the area Paul suggested and found pieces of metal garden dividers, pull tabs and other assorted junk. Not one good item. I decided to continue to search the rest of the yard. About an hour into the search I finally got a good signal. It was above the range That it should be in. I dug about 2 inches down and found a very large gold ring with 2 turquoise stones in it. Well this isn’t the ring, because this isn’t a plain wedding band. I searched the rest of the yard and found nothing else. I went to talk to Paul. I asked him, “you said a plain wedding band, correct?” He said “oh it has 2 turquoise stones in it.” “Like this one?” I said as I pulled the ring out of my pouch. He stood there with his mouth wide open. He couldn’t believe that I had found it. It was very large, I don’t know how he could have lost it without realizing it. I went to the hose and cleaned it up a bit. We took some pictures and shared some stories. He said that he designed this ring and his wife’s matching ring. They have been married for 29 years. I apologized for dropping the ball and not finding this ring back in 2012. I am just amazed by the different expressions on peoples faces when I am able to return things!!


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