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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

I was contacted by a man this week whose wife had happen to lose her 4 platinum wedding and engagement rings on the beach after she removed them to put sunscreen on their child and putting them in the pocket of her shorts which were on their beach towel Not realizing that the rings were missing until later that night when they got home, they immediately returned to the beach with friends and family marking their location and raking and searching the sand. They even rented metal detectors the following day but had no success. Searching the internet they found the Ring Finders website and contacted me 2 days later. I made arrangements to meet them at the site and search the area. After a brief description I began searching a gridded off area and 15 in we had recovered the first ring about 4 inches in the sand. Realizing that in the past 2 days the beach screen tractor had plowed the beach we expanded our area and 45 minutes later the 3 other rings were located within 4 feet of each other, actually inline with the first ring recovered about 30 feet away. The owners were amazed that the rings were found and just thought it was a miracle and were over joyed. I must say it was a great feeling to help the couple out in this situation. Also I would like to say Thank you ! once again for your generous reward and interest in promoting not only my service but the Ring Finders metal detecting service as a whole. I advised them not to wear the rings to the beach which they easily accepted. Have a great day!


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