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Recovery #425/426 Matt St.Germain 732-581-0285

I was referred to Alex and Justin by fellow ring finder Ed Cropski. While at the beach in Manasquan NJ with their families Justin had his brother in law Alex put his Rolex watch and Cartier band in their beach cart before going into the water. While they were packing up to head back to the house Justin went into the cart to retrieve his watch and ring only to find they weren't there. They searched for them with no luck. I was on my way home from another recovery in Normandy beach so I diverted and headed up there right away. They met me at the beach and showed me where they were. They believe the watch and ring became wrapped up in something being taken out of the cart and fell out into the sand. The waves from high tide had also washed over the area and could add to the problem in finding them. I began my search and within 10mins I found the watch. After a bit of celebrating I then continued and shortly found the ring. They were so happy and relieved I found them. They insisted I head over to Leggetts to share a celebratory shot with them which I happily accepted. What a great way to end the day with 3 successful recoveries!

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Recovery #424

Dave Milsted is a member of The Ring Finders New Jersey. I woke up to an email from Rickey. It said that he lost his wedding ring on Sunday while playing basketball. I wrote back, and he called me. We set up to do a search later that day after work.

We met at the courts, and he explained that he put his phone under his mother’s chair and put his ring on top of the phone. This was in the grass, which was 4 -5 inches long and thick. The ring is black & silver titanium. He said his 2-year-old son picked up the phone to give it to his daddy. He said he spent about 4 hours looking for it but was giving up hope that it would be found.

He showed me the area that he thought his mom’s chair was in. I said I would start searching a little farther away and work my way to where he thought it was. Being around a basketball court, there were a lot of metal objects in the area. I was looking for a surface sound. I could tell there were a lot of coins, bottle caps & pull tabs around. I will go back another time to clean out the coins.

It only took about 10 minutes for me to get the sound I was looking for. I bent down and spread the grass to see his ring. I picked it up and showed him. The look on his face was priceless. He told me that he had been in the dog house since he lost the ring. Hopefully, this will make things better.

I love my hobby!!

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Recovery #423 The Ring Finders NJ's Dave Milsted found a lost ring at the Pennsauken County Club's 17th hole. Here are the details from the rings owner, John:

I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart, Rachel, for 11 years and we have been together for over 22 years. She is amazing and wonderful and I am truly happy to have her in my life. She is also always right lol. Everytime I play golf, she tells me to leave my wedding ring at home. Of course, I never listen and that is how I found myself in this predicament. Whenever I golf, I take my wedding ring off and put it in my wallet. The wallet then goes into my golf bag and I carry on. I have never had an issue until last Thursday. I was playing at Pennsauken Country Club with my cousin Dru and then, as my wife had repeatedly warned me about, I lost my wedding ring. I noticed that it was gone when I arrived next to the 17th green. I retraced my steps and realized it must have fallen out of my wallet on the 17th tee box when I paid for some beers from the beer cart. My heart dropped. I couldn't believe this happened. I didn't think there was any way I was going to get it back. After the round, I went back to the tee box and looked around frantically but had no luck. A couple of groups teeing off, stopped and tried to help me. One of the guys told me to reach out to metal detector groups and they might be able to help me. I never would have thought of that and I am so glad that he placed that suggestion into my head. Flash forward a few days later, and I Googled, "I lost my wedding ring on a golf course." After a couple of clicks, I came across Dave. I reached out and I am so glad that I did. We went back to Pennsauken Country Club a week after I had lost it and after 20 or so minutes he found my wedding ring halfway in the ground right near the 17th tee box. I was overjoyed. I am still overjoyed. My wife is beyond happy and I cannot thank him enough! He is a lifesaver and I will never forget what he did for me.

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