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  Recovery #466/467

Received a call from Daniel after he was referred to me by Cape May Police Dept. Daniel explained that his wife had dropped both of her rings in the sand two days ago while at the beach with family in Cape May Point. Daniels wife had taken the rings off to apply sunscreen and simply forgotten about them on her lap, a very common mistake, btw. A nearby good samaritan had lent Daniel a metal detector but they had no luck recovering the rings themselves. I gathered some details from Daniel in regards to location and he was also able to send me a dropped pin to get me as close to the area as possible. I arrived on the beach in CMP first thing this morning and began searching. I was able to recover both rings in about 25 minutes and return them to Daniel before he and his family left to return home. Nothing like ending thst vacation on a high note! Another happy couple!

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Recovery #464/465

I woke up to find a missed late night text from Ingrid asking for help in finding her lost rings. I texted her to call me and she did a short time later. She told me she was visiting for father’s day from Georgia and was spending the day at Belmar beach when she took off her rings to put lotion on and placed them on the towel and forgot about them. Of course when they left they flew off the towel into the sand. She was in Paterson,NJ and said she would draw a map to show me where she was sitting. When I got to the beach I took a picture of the area and asked he to place an X where to search as well. I got to the area and there were signs of someone had detected there the night before. My hopes sank but started detecting anyway. Having no luck I looked at her map again and decided to move to the other side from where i was searching and on the 3rd pass I got a good signal and there was her wedding band in the scoop, then followed by her engagement ring. I couldnt believe it. I texted her a picture of the rings and she was so happy I found them. She drove straight from Patterson to meet me and get her rings back on her hand. A great ending to what could of been a bad weekend.

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Recovery #462/463

Christina reached out to our group page at “” after she lost both her engagement and wedding band in the surf. Christina explained that while playing with her children on a boogie board she felt her rings “slip right off” after sending her child to ride a wave. I took the short ride from Cape May up to Ocean City and met up with Christina and her husband. Her husband had already wrote the rings off as her believed they were “gone forever”, to which I replied “lets see what we can do, lol”. I gathered some details from Christina before entering the surf and managed to pull both rings from the waves in about 10 minutes! Granted they dont always go that quickly, lol. Another happy couple!

    The best part about contacting our group is that youll be put in contact with one of our five experienced detectorist who all reside along the Eastern coastline of NJ. With over 400+ successful recoveries between us, an experienced, local detectorist is always available to help.

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