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Got a call from Chuck asking if I could help find a bracelet his friend Sandy lost on the beach. They were out on the beach and she noticed her bracelet was missing. She wasn’t sure when it came off but they marked off the area they were sitting and hoped it was there, if not it could of been on the path they walked. She had it 20 years and was really hoping on getting it back. Turned out the clasp broke. I started to work the area they were sitting and on the 3rd pass back and forth I found her bracelet. Chuck had walked back up to the house while I detected not knowing how long it was going to take, he made it up to the house when I called to tell him I found it. He couldn’t believe how quick it took. I met him at the house and talked till Sandy came by to get her bracelet. She was so grateful and happy she got her bracelet back. The smile on her face said it all. Another happy ending and great recovery.

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