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Cape May, NJ Lost platinum / diamond solitaire ring RECOVERED! By Jeff Laag

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Recovery #407

Last evening I received a call from Marcy. Marcy explained that she believed that her heirloom plat / diamond ring fell out of her shorts pocket while she was on the beach earlier in the day with family. She wasn't sure if it was on the beach or elsewhere but was fairly certain it may be in the sand. She had a whole group of people sifting and digging thru the sand with rakes trying to find her ring. Luckily she came across my number thanks to Cape May Beach Patrol Lifeguards. At the time she called I was on the Wildwood boardwalk with family doing the whole rides / games thing, lol. Knowing the potential for the ring to be in a vulnerable spot and its sentimental value I decided to leave the boardwalk and take a ride over before it got dark. I met up with the couple and began a grid search after gathering some details. Approx 15 minutes later I was able to recover the ring and get it back into its rightful owners hands. Another happy client!

Live video of recovery shared to page in separate post.


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