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Today I went on a special hunt for a very special young lady . I was referred to her brother Eric by a friend of mine about my lost jewelry recovery service. Speaking with Eric he stated that his sister who has stag 4 cancer and partial paralysis in her hands and was unable to properly lock the clasp on her cherished gold/diamond bracelet that her father had given her when she was 16 years old and lost it off their dock at the shore house. Speaking with Eric he also stated that the dock area is scheduled to have a new bulkhead put in next week and feared the bracelet would be lost in the mud forever with the construction equipment. He explained that the area is basically water free during low tide hopefully assisting in the recovery which brought me to the idea of using my White’s Spectra V3i. Bracelets and necklaces can be tough items to find with a metal detector so last night I set up my White’s V3i with a 4×6 DD coil and my custom gold program that hit a test gold bracelet loud & clear. Thank you White’s Electronics, Inc. for the replacement coil for my magic wand lol! Eric stated that it would mean so much and be a miracle if I could find this for her. Pope Francis is coming to town this weekend so it’s the time for miracles! Packing my gear in the truck and feeling optimistic on a beautiful day I arrived at their shore house and was greeted by the woman parents as she was unable to attend and really felt a sense of welcoming. The tide at this time was still going out so it gave us some time talk and get to know each other before I would start searching for the bracelet. They were amazed that I provided such a service and that I had done over 30 recoveries this summer and many more in the past for people in need. Finally the water had gone out far enough to start the search and I stepped off the side of the dock into about 4 inches of mud but onto a firm sand base bottom. The area was approximately 10×20 including some under the dock walkway so it was going to take some time to search it thoroughly. Twenty minutes into the search I received a consistent signal from the detector and a Vdi reading of 10 on the screen. I carefully lowered my long handle scoop into position and scooped the mud into my floating sifter and rechecked the spot in the mud,I got the signal. As I started swishing the water around in the sifter the beautiful diamond bracelet came to life through the mud Yes!!! At this time her parents had gone into the house so I washed it off better and called them out. As they walked out on the dock and looked down at me in the mud I pointed to the sifter where the bracelet was now gleaming in the sun. The look on their faces was incredible! They actually both started tearing up when I handed it to them. I got washed up and they couldn’t wait to call their daughter and son Eric with the great news! What an incredible feeling and day it turned out to be for everyone! I love this hobby!


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