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I got a text from Alexandra in the evening asking if I could help locating her husband Dennis’ wedding band. I called her and asked what happened. While enjoying the day at the beach, Dennis went in for a swim and felt his wedding band slide off his finger while out in chest deep water. He was devastated, the ring ment so much to him, representing his marriage. Marry only 10 years but was with Alexandra for 26. Dennis was recently in the hospital and being sick had lost weight so the ring was alittle big on him now. Even while in the hospital the ring ment so much they wouldn’t let anyone take it off. Inside the ring was written in Hebrew ” I am my beloved and my beloved in mine ” I went down the next day at low tide and tried for 2 hours but couldn’t find it. I told them I’d be back the next day to try one more time. Went back down the next day and it was going on another 2 hours when I finally got a good signal. Dennis was with me when I heard the signal and with the waves bouncing us up and down, I dug 3 times before I could get it in the scoop and sure enough it was his ring. He was so excited I was afraid he’d drop it so I took it and started walking towards the beach and Alexandra was walking down to meet me, not knowing I found it. I walked up and said I’m done I can’t do this anymore and reached out and handed her the ring . She couldn’t believe it. When Dennis came they just stood there and hugged each other for minutes and the people on the beach were clapping and cheering. One of the best recovery I’ve done in a long time. I’m so happy to reunite them with his ring.


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