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My wife received a message, in late September, from a friend who has been reading some of my recovery stories. Apparently her mom, who passed away late last year, lost a gold ring about this time last year. Her mom insisted that it was lost near the driveway at her house. She asked if I could look for it.

I am always up for a new search. I had some time to spare this week so I got the address for her dad’s house and packed my truck with 3 detectors and assorted other necessities.

I arrived at the house and it looked like no one was home. I started to search the very thick Zoysia grass. I was thinking to myself that there is no way a ring could penetrate this carpet, it would just sit on top. I searched the area and received 2 possible targets. I moved the grass around to see if the ring was under the grass. Nope I marked them both to check after I finished the area, because it would take a little work to look in the ground with the thick root system of the Zoysia. After finishing the search of the area I went to the first mark. Carefully with out destroying the grass I was able to probe and pop out a nickle. I was about 2 inches down in the dirt. After the recovery I fixed the ground & no one will ever know that the ground was disturbed. I went to the 2nd target that I marked. I was probing the area with a 10 inch flat head Craftsman screw driver that I use a a probe. After a few tries I hit something that wasn’t a root. I tried to pop the target out of the ground, no luck. I then dug a very small hole in the dirt. I see the sparkle of GOLD. It was the ring, but it was intertwined in thick roots of the Zoysia. With in a minute I had the ring in my possession. I was amazed at how deep the ring was in the dirt after only being there about 1 year. I fixed the ground and you can’t tell that anyone was there. I took the ring home, and cleaned it up. I took a few pictures and then sent a text with just the picture to Denise. I got a message back saying “OMG!I Love u!!! Ur making me cry!!!” The whole searching of the area and the recovery of the ring only took about 10 minutes. It took longer to pack my truck…

A post from Denise:

If you don’t believe in miracles then read this!!! I appreciate Dave finding it more than he’ll ever know. It’s an only child ring – my stone is in the middle and my parents’ stone on either side then my mom added each of the boys’ stones. I want her to be buried with it but I guess she wanted me to have it.


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