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Received a call this evening around 9pm for a engagement ring that was lost in the surf around 3:30pm this afternoon. After a brief conversation and a check of the tide tables and radar I decided that this evening would be the best shot considering the rings potential location, crazy strong current on this particular beach, and the fact that I had to travel out of town for most of the day tomorrow. Met up with the caller and her friends and headed down towards the water. Of course as soon as we began making our way down the beach a squall blew in, lol. Began searching the wet sand near the water and then began making my way into the surf. After about 15 minutes I got a nice deep signal and out came this beautiful platinum / diamond engagement ring. These folks may have been the most excited group I have ever come across to date. All in all, the drive over took longer than the recovery, about 15 minutes to get it in the scoop. Another happy client


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