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Recovery #422

August 27th, 2023 by Dennis Burlingame

from Belmar (New Jersey, United States)



Call or Text

Got a call from Rose asking for help in locating her diamond earring she lost in the back yard at her father’s house. Told her I’d give it a try but I asked her to bring the other earring to make sure the detector would detect it with the small amount of metal in them. I met her at her father’s house where she was to celebrate his up coming birthday. I checked the other earring and it came up good so she took me to where she was. She found the backing in the grass but they couldn’t find the earring. I figured the earring came out and the backing stuck in her hair and fell out a little later. She gave me the area she was playing with her dog and i went to work. I made 5 passes up and down on finally got the midtone and number on my detector screen which matched the other earring and looking through the blades of grass I saw her earring. She was going through her car looking for it and I walked out but told her that I was getting eaten alive by bugs, she probably thought i was giving up then I reached out and showed her the earring. She couldn’t believe I found it. Another great happy ending.


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