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Got a text from Mark asking for help in locating his wife’s engagement ring. Gave him a call and told him I’d meet him at the beach in 30 minutes or so. I arrived at the beach and they were there waiting in the area they were sitting that day. Seems while enjoying a day at the beach with their granddaughter his wife took her ring off to put lotion on her granddaughter so not to get burned and laid her ring down and forgot about it. After realizing it was gone she tried to find it using a beach toy sifter her granddaughter had with no luck. Mark meanwhile found me on RingFinders on Google and asked for help. I starting detecting and was digging the usual junk, on the first pass no ring, turned around and maybe 15 feet into the second pass I got a solid signal #7 on detector and knew it must of been her ring. Sure enough 1 small scoop down and there was her beautiful ring. She yelled for joy, gave me a hug, so happy to get her ring back. A great ending and feeling for all.

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