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I got a text from Ross asking for help to locate his wife’s missing wedding band. I called him and got the details and told him i’d head down to the Belmar beach immediately. Seems his wife was enjoying the day at the beach with their daughter, she took off her wedding band to put lotion on their daughter and put it in a side pocket on her beach chair not knowing there was a hole in it. She realized it was gone when returning back home to Pennsylvania and gave up hope of ever seeing it again. Ross did a google search and found me on RingFinders and thought it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to me. He told me, along with a few pictures of their daughter playing in the sand as to where they were sitting to help me with the search. I got down to the beach, they were on the top of the slope to the right of the lifeguard stand. I started to grid just off to the side of the lifeguard stand and picked up a few trash targets, then about 20 feet from the stand I got a nice signal and scooped a little sand up and there was her ring in the bottom of the scoop. Went back to the car and gave Ross a call with the good news. He couldn’t believe it. I made arrangements to meet up with him the next morning to return her ring. I’m glad I was able to reunite her with her ring, another happy ending recovery.

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