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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Got a call on Sunday the 20th from a frantic mom who was on the beach with her family. Seems her daughter in law to be took off her engagement ring that was only 3 weeks old to put on lotion and placed it on a towel and someone moved the towel and the ring was gone. Her son was going to run out and buy a detector when another woman who saw what was going on found RingFinder’s and gave her my number. Told her I’d be there as soon as I could to help find the ring. Took the 20 minute ride and was on the beach in no time. They showed me the area they were sitting, first target turned out to be a penny but 3 feet away out popped her ring. Everyone on the beach started to clap. It was again great to see all the smiles and to reunite someone with their loved ring. Best wishes to the soon to be Happy Couple. ( sorry no close up on ring, got to remember that )


















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