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I was already detecting on a beach when I got a call from Sabrina asking for help to locate her lost engagement ring. While enjoying the 4th of July on the beach she took off her wedding set to put on lotion and laid them on her lap and forgetting they were there stood up and they flew off disappearing into the sand. Digging around they managed to find her wedding band but not her engagement ring. They even went to the store and bought an inexpensive metal detector but that didn’t help as well. In the mean time her friend found me on Ring Finders and told her to call. Told her i’d be happy to come and help but it would take some time to get there with traffic and from where I was but that was alright. I met her and her husband on the beach and they were still in the area they were sitting and after a chat we figured an area where the ring might be. I boxed out the area and no sooner started to grid the area within maybe 6 swings of the detector I found her ring. With tears of JOY she couldn’t believe she had her beautiful ring back on her hand where it belongs. I’m glad I was able to save her holiday for her and her husband and they can enjoy the rest of it not worrying about her loss. Always a great feeling.


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