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I got a text from Tim after he found me doing a Google search asking if I could help in locating his wife’s engagement ring. They weren’t sure if it was lost in their yard or the house but after searching the house they thought it had to be in the back yard. I was off work the next day so we made arrangements to meet in the morning. Tim’s wife was filling up a bird feeder in the back yard when she felt her wedding band slide off her hand. She found it at her feet but a family heirloom engagement ring was missing. They walked around the yard but couldn’t find it. She showed me the path she walked after filling the feeder to where it was hung, then she remembered she stood on the back porch and threw some dog treats to her dog in the yard. I figured that when the ring might of came off. I started a grid of the yard and on the 5th pass right about where the treats would of landed I found her ring shinning in the sun between the blades of grass. ( they didn’t want their picture published and sorry bout the blade of grass in the picture )She was so happy to get her precious ring back where it belonged. The big smile and hug said it all and made it worth while. Glad I could help.

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