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I received a call this morning from a very upset young woman explaining that she had lost her grandmothers ring this weekend while celebrating her own wedding. The good thing is she has an idea where she lost but the bad thing is the it was off the side of a small bridge crossing a pond. She went on to explain that her and her new husband were shaking a bottle of champagne while holding it over the side of the bridge and then suddenly realized her grandmothers diamond ring she was wearing was gone! Although this was not her new wedding ring which she was wearing on her other hand it meant the world to her just the same.

Although I had an appointment look for another ring today I agreed to meet her first in the morning since it was so close to my house. After packing my water detecting gear and White’s MX Sport metal detector I arrived at the little bridge at the park to be greeted by the newly couple. Going over a basic reenactment of the event I got on my waders,fired up my detector and entered the knee to waist deep water which was not only quite rocky on the sides but also had lots of leaves on the bottom giving the ring lots of places to hide. After numerous trash targets and a few coins things were not looking to good but I decided to look a little closer to the bridge even though they were both sure they saw it land in the water further away. A couple signals later I got the nice low tone signal from my metal detector and eased my scoop into the mucky leaves and carefully scooped and dumped the contents onto the bank of the pond. Moving the black leaves suddenly there was a shiny burst of gold, it was the ring! The couple shouted out in amazement "You got it!” I was equally surprised as this was not an easy find but there it was finally. Another incredible recovery and happy customer!


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