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Got a text from Jason asking for help to locate his necklace that was lost on Sea Girt beach the day before. I called him and told him I could be there within a half hour if he wanted to meet me to show me where they were. I met him and he showed me the general area he remembered they were sitting and told me that his son was wearing the necklace and gave it to him to go swimming so not to lose it. Jason put it into the cup holder on his beach chair and forgot about it. Not sure where it was lost, we both hoped it was in the area where he was and it fell out when he folded the chair to leave. I started a grid of the area and about the 5th pass of the grid I got a solid signal, I took a scoop of sand and I saw the cross sticking out of the sand at the bottom of the hole. I reached down and pulled the chain out and held it up. Jason was so relieved and happy I was able to return it to him being an heirloom from the family. A happy ending for all.

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