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I received a message from my daughter Macey who was on the beach with her boyfriend who is a lifeguard on the beach in Ocean City,NJ. A woman had approached they lifeguards stating that her husband had just lost his wedding ring in the ocean while swimming. Overhearing the woman my daughter stated that my dad can find it for you! She told her that I find rings for people all the time with my metal detector. getting information from the woman as to where the loss took place I arrived to the area a couple hours later around 8pm as the tide was going out. After a few minutes of searching I found a bracelet and then a tungsten wedding band like the one described. I figured I got it and since the area was giving up targets I decided to continue hunting to see what else could be found? Well a few minutes later I found another tungsten wedding band lol! Ready to head out for the night and seeing a message from my daughter asking how I was making out? I sent a picture of the 2 rings asking which one lol? She replied that it was actually the second one that I had found so glad I decided to stay and keep looking for other items! We contacted the owners and arranged for my daughter to meet them on the beach the next day for the return. Another great return! Great team work Macey!!! #96 Lost ring return!


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