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Got a call from David on Wednesday while at work asking if I could help locating a necklace his daughter Reese lost while playing in a field with her friends. While being chased by her friends, running her hand came up and caught her necklace ripping it off her neck. She was devastated, the necklace was a gift from her late grandmother who passed away last October from cancer. She has worn it everyday since she received it. David went out that night with a flashlight for acouple of hours hoping to see it but had no luck. That’s when he contacted me for help. I told him I’d come out Friday after work to look for it. Luckily her sister had an identical necklace and I used that one to make sure I could detect it seeing it was such a thin delicate chain. I couldn’t detect the chain itself but was able to hear the stone wrapped in gold that was on the chain. They showed me an area they thought it might of been, but after awhile I had no luck. I asked Reese to think again what happened and she said it might of been over alittle bit from where I had detected. Tried there but still no luck. It was getting late and I told him I’d try again the next morning. They were away Saturday, but I went back and really grid the last area we were in and about 2 3rds the way through it I found her necklace. I texted David the good news and he couldn’t believe it. They were so grateful I went back and was able to find it. We met up on Sunday for the return. I’m so glad I was able to find it so Reese can always remember her grandmother with such a irreplaceable memento.


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