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On July 25th I was contacted by Nancy. She had gone to the beach in Point Pleasant on the north end 3 days earlier to take photos of the birds at the sanctuary area when a storm starting coming in. As it began to rain she quickly started walking back to the car and as she was lifting her camera strap over her head she felt something break. She assumed it was the strap but then found out once in the car it was her necklace that broke. The chain wound up inside her shirt but her 4 charms were no where to be found. The next day a friend went back to the beach with her along with others to search for them with no luck. I drew up a search area based on her description and went from there. The first time I went I also had no luck. The heat was getting to me so I decided to call it a day and regroup. I spoke to Nancy again and worked on narrowing down the search area. She told me what I came up with is exactly right. My friend and fellow ringfinders was a bit concerned they may have already been found since this beach is hunted constantly by many detectorists. So I went there again that night and slowly gridded the entire area. As I came across the last palm tree I finally got a signal I was hoping for. Out came the first charm! Little by little about a foot apart I had found all four of them!! Nancy and her husband Joe were completely shocked that I had found them! And even more so they were happy and relieved! I love being able to surprise someone like this when they pretty much already wrote off their lost item. Another great day!


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