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Yesterday I spoke with fellow ring finder Dave Milstead about a lost necklace in Cinnaminson NJ. He was contacted by a man named David in hopes of helping his good friend Robert. While Robert’s son was at school playing flag football he usually removes his very sentimental communion necklace but this time he had forgotten to do so. At some point during the game he realized it was missing. After the game, Him and his Father along with friends and teammates searched the field and surrounding area for hours to no avail. Robert was even able to borrow a metal detector from someone but unfortunately was still unable to find it. As luck would have it, I was off from work due to the rain and since Dave was unable to go do a search for them, I made arrangements to drive out there and see if I could help. Robert met me at the school field with permission from the principle to show me where the kids were playing their game at the time. Once we went over the details he had to head back to his restaurant. After about and hour long search in the rain I was happily able to give Robert the great news! I found the necklace and all three charms with it!. Within 10 minutes Robert had it in his hands. He was so happy and expressed how much it meant to him and his family to have it back. He also insisted I follow him back to his restaurant for something to eat. How could I say no? His good friend David also stopped into the restaurant to meet me and chat for a bit. Very nice people! Another happy ending! It never gets old! And if anyone is ever in the area of Palmyra NJ, Please be sure to stop in at Bacio kitchen and catering for a wonderful fine dining experience!


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