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I received a call from a woman that explained that while playing golf on the 9 hole course she had lost her ring somewhere between the 4th and 9th hole or possibly at a restaurant miles away afterwards. She had taken the rings off to put on her golf gloves at the 4th hole and tucked her diamond engagement and gold wedding band into her sports bra and continued her day. When she arrived home she only had her gold wedding band where she had put them. She could not be present for the search but her father who was playing with her that day could meet me there and made arrangements with the facility for the search. Arriving onsite and going over course of the days events and the size of the area things were not looking good for the recovery but we would give it a try! I handed the father a bunch of orange wire marker flags and asked him to mark the areas he feels they were in the day of the loss (5 days ago). After 3+ hours of searching and finding a handful of the metal rings that hold the erasers on the golf pencils and arriving at the 9th and final area to search with probably about 10 minutes left I decided to search the area where she would have gotten out of the golf cart and on a small hill approaching the green i received a solid tone on my White’s V3i metal detector and just below the grass I could see a circle and when I touched it the diamond popped up and glared in the sun!! Her father was about 10 yards away from me on the fairway and I yelled over to him “Bingo!” The look on his face was incredible and he seemed in disbelief when I held the ring up and said I got it! As he approached me I could see he was getting chocked up and just couldn’t believe it! nor could my friend who was assisting me in the hunt who had written it off saying I was a god,Lol! I have to say it truly was a miracle! Moments later he called his daughter with the great news who just couldn’t thank me enough and was also almost speechless as were the owners of the golf course1 Another amazing recovery! Another happy customer!


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