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Got a call from John. His wife lost her diamond ring on the beach in Beach Haven (LBI). He said she was putting sunscreen on their kids, took her ring off and put it on a towel. She forgot about it. The tide started to come in and they moved their stuff. It wasn’t till later that she realized that her ring was missing. It was white gold ring with a lot of little diamonds. It was given to her by her husband when she was pregnant with her first child because her wedding rings didn’t fit anymore. So there is a lot of sentimental value in this ring. It was lost a few days ago, and they are worried that someone had already found it. Maybe a kid was digging and buried it deeper. Maybe the rise took it away. Adam, my son & I met them on the beach just after 7am. They had both kids with them and they were ready to play on the beach. John showed us the beach but didn’t have an exact location. So Adam started at one end and I started at the other end, we will meet in the middle. Very few targets were on this beach. I got a good tone on my Minelab Explorer, said this has to be it. Dug it and looked in the scoop. Just a piece of tin foil. Bummer. Found several more pieces of foil. After about of 30 minutes another good tone at the high tide mark. Bingo! I had the ring. We walked over to their encampment on the beach. Once Kristyna saw the ring she started to cry. John said he thought he was going to cry also. The look on their faces was priceless!! It’s such an AWESOME feeling returning lost items.


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