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Lost diamond ring in Manasquan NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

Recovery #427

Matt St.Germain 732-581-285

I was referred to Alissa and her husband Ariel by fellow ring finder Dennis Burlingame.

While they were visiting the beach in Manasquan NJ with their children for the day, Alissa was holding their youngest and having fun with the water during high tide when she felt her diamond ring slipping off. She had no choice but to let it go to avoid endangering their youngest son. She was heartbroken about losing it. I assured her I would go look for it as I was also planning on continuing another search on the opposite side of the beach anyway. Once low tide had come around I left the other search for an hour to search for her ring. Based on her details , I was able to locate it within an hour! I sent her a photo and she responded with shock and happiness! I met them a few days later to return it. It never gets old!!


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