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While searching for a lost engagement ring in one section of Long Beach Island,NJ I received a call for a woman lost wedding set in the next town over on the island. Since I was waiting for the tide to go out to gain access to the first one which was lost in the surf I decided I would head over to the other call which was lost in the dry sand where the woman was sitting with her family. She had taken them off to apply sunscreen and sat them on her lap and forgot to put them back on and when she stood up the rings disappeared into the sand.

Arriving onsite I discovered that her family had formed a search party and managed to find her diamond engagement ring while sifting the sand but no luck on the diamond wedding band.

Setting up my White’s Beach Hunter id 300 metal detector i started searching the 20×20 area that the family had marked out where the ring may be. While walking with my detector the woman little son being about 5yrs old was walking beside me with his sand bucket and I would let him collect the finds along the hunt. After a few coins and bottle caps I received a solid mid tone (gold tone) accompanied with a yellow indicator light on the detector and felt confident that this was her ring. I scooped up some sand and discovered the ring in the scoop. I quietly handed to the little boy and he went over to his mommy and handed her the ring saying “Look mommy we found it”. The smile on her face was priceless at this very cute and happy time. The family was cheering and just couldn’t thank me enough for the service. Another great day! Another great recovery!

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