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I received a call from Jeff who had lost his wedding ring at the Avalon boat marina while washing his boat. While the boat was tied to the dock Jeff was wringing out a towel and watched his wedding ring fall off his finger and into the water between the boat and the dock disappearing into the murky water. Doing some research online later that night his wife found the Ring Finders site and contacted me, seeing that I serviced the area and also provided water recovery services. We agreed to met at the marina at low tide later in the week and try to recover the ring. Jeff knew exactly where the ring had fallen off and at low tide the water was still 5 feet deep there so this could be tough. I entered the water from the dock about 5 ft away from the area and could just touch the bottom with water up to my neck. Using my Whites Beach Hunter id 300 I searched the bottom carefully waiting for the mid tone sound in my headphones signifying the ring. Removing some trash targets I heard the tone I wanted and carefully maneuvered my long handle scoop into position and scooped up the mud. When the scoop came out of the water Jeff and some onlookers yelled out There it is! You got it! Once back on land Jeff shook my hand and said that was amazing! He was very happy to have the ring back which has 4 diamonds in it, each one representing his wife and 3 children. I really enjoyed this recovery and the challenge.

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