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This recovery has been a long time waiting. Five weeks ago Martha and Johnny were enjoying the beach when Martha lost her ring on the slope by the waters edge. I was even on the same beach that day and they saw me detecting. She called me later that night and told me what happened, not wanting to take the chance of the ring getting washed out I went back to the beach that night to search for it. No luck that night and I went back down the following day after work. The water was rough and extra high that day and I didn’t have high hopes in finding it that day. I searched for awhile and was getting ready to leave and the last target I found on my way off the beach was her ring. I texted her the good news but with her living out of state she didn’t know when she would be able to come back to get her ring. I told her not to worry it wasn’t going anywhere. Well today was the day she had the opportunity to come and get it. I met them at the beach where she lost it and it was a wonderful reuniting of her with her ring.


















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