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Got a call from fellow Ring Finder Matt St Germain that a woman lost her engagement ring in Long Branch and was asking for help. He was at work and knew I was off and asked if I wanted to get it. I told him to give her my number and I’d head down. Seems Michele was enjoying the day with friends and was down by the waters edge when a wave came up and hit her and she lost her balance and went down. In doing so she felt her ring slide off into the wash. She was right in front of the life guard stand so my search was narrowed down. Starting at the top of the slope I started my grid and worked my way down. I was getting close to the drop off and started to think I was going to have to go in and get wet to find this ring. got about 2 feet from the drop off and got the tone I was hoping to hear, took one scoop of sand and there it was, a beautiful pear shape diamond ring. Went up to where she was sitting waiting and showed her the ring, after the tears of joy and a few hugs and thank you I was on my way. Another great recovery and great feeling that comes with it.

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