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I received a call earlier in the week from Rob, asking if I was the guy who finds lost rings. I told him that I was and asked how I could help. He said that there are 2 missing rings in front of his residence in the flower bed.

He was out of town on business until the weekend, so we planned to meet up on Saturday morning. I assumed that they lost them while planting the flowers. So it should be an easy find.

I arrived and met Rob. I asked him to show me where he thought that they were. I asked him how long ago that the flowers were planted and about how deep were the holes when they planted them.

He said they were lost about a week ago during an argument and were thrown there. Well there ya go you know what happens when you assume. They spent a couple of hours looking for them with flashlights. I asked where she was standing when she threw them. He said that he threw them. There ya go another assumption! He showed me the direction. I went back to my truck to get my equipment. I had to fight the sounds from the sprinkler system in the ground. After about 20 minutes I got a good repeatable signal. Looked through the flowers and found the wedding band. Rob was amazed. We were now looking for the engagement ring. I continued with my machine and Rob then jumped into the flower bed and started hand searching the bushes. He said that he thought one went farther then the other and that one made it to the bushes. After about 10 more minutes I hear Rob Shout, “I got it!!” And there it was. A few high fives were thrown. He stated you saved my life! I took a few pictures and gave him my business card just in-case there was a need in the future. He was a happy man… My wife said after I got home was “I knew it! I knew they were thrown!” I have responded to so many lost rings because they were thrown in the heat of the moment. Call me 1st, I’ll take the ring off of your hands and save the time for a search later…


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