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I received a call from a woman stating that she had lost her diamond eternity ring on the beach earlier today and was hoping I could try to recover it for her. She had a general idea where the ring may be and explained that she had taken it off to put sunscreen on and sat the ring on her lap and later when she got back to the beach house she realized she never put it back on. I told her I could be there within an hour. She was worried with it getting late and it getting dark soon it would be a problem however I told her although its easier with daylight its not necessary since my metal detector has a target indication light system on it along with headphones for the sound so I could still do the search. Upon arrival at the beach,her husband and friend where already on the beach and trying to find the ring by eye and showed me the area where they been sitting earlier that day. I handed her husband 4 red glow sticks and asked him to make a box the size of the general area which was about 30’x30′. As I was explaining my search process her husband informed me that some of the diamonds in the ring were from her mothers ring and are irreplaceable so it would mean the world to her if I could find it. He stated that the ring was platinum and had large diamonds all the way around. I told him I would do my best and began my grid search within the designated area. After 20 minutes and digging a few coins and trash items I received a nice sound mid tone accompanied by a yellow light on my White’s Beach Hunter id 300 detector and proceeded to push my scoop into the sand to retrieve the target. Turning on my headlight and raising my scoop I looked in and there was her ring. A beautiful diamond ring with very large diamonds all the way around. Her husband and friend were watching from a nearby lifeguard stand and I held the the ring up and stated I think I have what we are looking for! They jumped down and ran over with total relief and amazement and couldn’t wait for us to get back to the house to his distraught wife with the great news. We entered the house and he introduced me and held out the ring. What a look on her face as she focused on her ring. She went on to tell me how much it means to her and the story behind the ring with her mothers diamonds. It was absolutely Priceless to be able to bring the smile back to her face after worrying since she lost it hours earlier. Another great recovery, Another great day!


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