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Taylor contacted me a week ago, asking if I would travel to Townsend Delaware to search for his wife’s lost white gold ring.

She had come home after work back in October and found their puppy in its crate, where he had an accident. Covered in poop she raced him outside to wash him off with the hose. He was not cooperating. When she was finished and back inside the house, she noticed her ring from her grandmother was missing.

I traveled down early this morning in the dense fog. I met Taylor and he showed me the search area. He said he bought a metal detector shortly after the loss, but the unit was always beeping.

I got started and understood why his machine was beeping. There are a lot of coins on the path his wife took to the hose. I didn’t dig any and left them for Taylor.

Five minutes after starting I got the signal I was looking for. I took out my pinpointer and got a surface hit, but couldn’t see anything. I scraped away a layer of mud and I could see the outline of a ring. I called Taylor over to have him see what I was looking at. He couldn’t believe it. He said no wonder why all of the time I spent on my hands and knees looking I couldn’t find it.

Either his wife or the dog, who is close to 100 pounds must have stepped on it shortly after it was lost. I dug it out and cleaned it off the best I could. It was a small white gold ring with 5 diamonds. The look on his face was priceless. I got a couple of man hugs!. I took a few pictures and started my journey home.

I love my hobby!!

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