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This afternoon I was contacted by fellow detectorist Scotty O’Shea about his friend Kari who works in the healthcare field. While Kari was at a park with one of her clients who is non-verbal young adult, He became pretty upset when it was time to leave the park so in protest he had pulled Kari’s necklace off and tossed it into the grass. Scotty wanted to help but he was at work over an hour away and could not. I was available for a few hours so I met Kari at the park as soon as possible. She explained to me the pendant is the most important part as it is a pendant her late Mother used to wear that she wore all through her cancer treatments and she held in high regard. It helps Kari everyday the same way it did for her Mom so it is very special to her. Once she showed me the area I got to work. There was a lot of targets in the ground as it caused my machine to sound off 2-3 times with every swing of the coil. It took a little while but finally I had her pendant in my sights! I stayed as long as I could to find the chain as well but it was not showing up and she told me she was going to get another. She was just so happy and relieved that I found her pendant! Another happy ending!


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