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Frank was out in his back yard, cleaning up debris from the latest storm. While throwing some branches into a waste pile, one of the branches caught him on the right side of his head, sending his very expensive hearing aid into the garden somewhere. He searched the internet and found me.

I called Frank on the way home from work. He told me the story. I know how expensive they are because I wear a set of hearing aids. I wanted to find it as soon as possible so it wouldn’t be exposed to moisture.

Frank wasn’t there when I got there. His wife showed me the area and had the other hearing aid for me to see & hear what I was looking for. It has a small wire, and I thought it might be stuck in a bush somewhere. It barely made a sound on both of the detectors, I brought with me, even after trying multiple settings. I searched for like 40 minutes without finding it. I took out my small handheld pinpointer and tested it with the other hearing aid, a much better result. So I got on my hands and knees and starting searching. We were looking in a fern patch. These plants can easily hide a hearing aid. Fifteen minutes more of searching resulted in uncovering the missing hearing aid. Frank was relieved. A set of hearing aids can cost well over 6k. His wife thought that I was going to give up. I told her I don’t give up easily. Social distancing prevented us from shaking hands or receiving a bro hug. The smiles on their faces were awesome. I love my hobby!!


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