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Lost heirloom ring in NJ Found!

Recovery #418 Ed Cropski

Wow! Here is the ring return and an amazing story that goes with it.

This was Jacks grandfather’s ring (Jack is 65) it was given to him by his father who fought the Japanese in WWII and survived . His grandfather was born at the turn of the century in Philadelphia, PA and eventually moved to an area of Poland and started a successful shipping company and started a family including Jacks father. During the 1930’s his grandfather was wise enough to see the uprising of Adolf Hitler and as he was a US citizen was able to ship his belongings including this ring and family back to the United States. The grandfather stayed behind to close up his company but unfortunately became a victim of the Nazis and was never seen again.

This ring is the only personal thing the family has left of the grandfather’s and has been cherished and handed within the family which Jack planned on handing down to his son. So when it was lost on the beach last week during family vacation in LBI he was devastated to say the least!

Speaking with friends they said that there’s a guy that finds lost rings on the beach and you should try him?

We’ll, He found me and he couldn’t have been any happier he did last Sunday morning when I told him I can help!

Within a couple hours I had Jacks ring in my hand after metal detecting the described area!

I couldn’t wait to send him a picture and called right away amazed and crying full of joy!

We met last night for the return and come to find out he is a fellow Freemason and now friend forever. What an honor is to have helped this family! Another great recovery and happy customer! God Bless!

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