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Recovery #395!

Its all about doing the right thing for your fellow person….. Received a call at 6:30am from Taishia explaining that she had lost her keys while taking her kids down to the beach around 5:30pm Sunday afternoon. She continued to explain that she had already spent the evening in her car, with her two kids, Sunday night and was essentially “stranded” as she had no spare and couldnt afford to purchase a replacement FOB. She also asked, “what do you charge” and i explained that i only work on tips, to which she replied , “I dont have much”, I said dont worry about $, lets see what we can do. After work, first thing Monday morning, I met up with Taishia and we began searching for her key. This particular beach in Wildwood has TONS of targets and trash due to all the different venues that use that beach thru out the season. It was a particularly slow process but low and behold we spotted the keys sticking out of the sand! Taishia was beyond elated and relieved, as you can imagine. Interestingly she told me that she had spoken to another “detectorist” on Sunday that didnt want to come out, or as she put it in her words “be bothered as I dont have a lot of money”. That is a real shame in my eyes, I do what I do, when I can, because ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO, yes tips are nice but how can you not help a mother and her children when stuck in a situation like this? Even if you tried and came up empty handed you still at least “tried”. I dunno, not everything is about interviews and self proclaimed fame. I have a very small operation which is based on FB and The Ring Finders website. Is it nice to recover a missing wedding ring for someone OF COURSE, but its not always about the easy or fast recoveries. Moral of the story BE KIND, DO THE RIGHT THING, even when no one is watching! From your LOCAL, full time EXPERT RECOVERY DETECTORIST……. Be well all….


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